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The 12th Annual Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference (ESTC) in Ansan City, Korea. 
September 12th - 15th, 2017
The International Ecotourism Society is proud to confirm that our 12th Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference (ESTC) will be held in Ansan City, Korea, from September 12th to 15th, 2017.  Widely considered to be the most important conference in ecotourism, ESTC 2017 will bring together 600 professionals and organizations from over fifty countries to share knowledge and best practices, as well as create ecotourism policy for the world.
Photo courtesy ESTC 2017

The conference is being sponsored by some of the most important institutions in Korea, and will focus on the theme Ecotourism’s Global Impact:  Human Ecology, Sea, and Forests for the Future.  ESTC 2017 will expand on the impact of sustainable tourism and ecotourism on protecting, sustaining, and enhancing natural, cultural, and physical resources that add to quality of life and positive development.

TIES is proud that the impact of our conferences has been so pervasive and positive.  The message of ecotourism is being heard and taken up very seriously by many governments, operators, and travelers.   ESTC 2017 will continue on that 26 year record of progress. 

Over the next months, we'll add information about the conference and feature articles from ecotourism professionals on the work that lies ahead.  We sincerely hope you'll be able to join us in beautiful Ansan City for ESTC 2017.

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Sumber:  The 12th Annual Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference (ESTC) in Ansan City, Korea.  September 12th - 15th, 2017

Hillary Clinton for America.  Photo courtesy Time.com
Hillary Clinton for America.  Photo courtesy Time.com

I’ll never forget the experience of campaigning for Barack in 2008 and 2012. 

In hindsight, it might seem like we were destined to win. But we weren't. In fact, when Barack first got into the race, winning seemed pretty unlikely. But every single supporter stepped up in big ways and small, knowing that they had skin in the game -- that this wasn't just about Barack, but about all of us. That a victory would have been our victory. That a loss would have been our loss.

We’re at a defining moment again, and Hillary needs us the same way Barack did four and eight years ago. Her team is just one day away from a critical end-of-month deadline, and they are still short of the $10 million goal they set to keep running this race the right way. Can you chip in $1 right now to help hit that important mark?

From the very beginning, Barack and I were just overwhelmed by the unyielding strength of his campaign's supporters. When the going got tough, you all just dug deeper. Your passion and commitment lifted us up every single day. And we are so incredibly grateful for everything you did.

Together, we can keep delivering on that same promise of change that inspired and mobilized so many Americans eight years ago. Hillary has never been more ready to seize this baton and this mission.

But she has to win the election first, and needs your help. This deadline tomorrow night is a major one for her campaign, and she will never forget that you were with her at this critical moment in history:

Thank you for all you've done for this team,

Michelle Obama
Hillary needs you now more than ever -- chip in $1 before our monthly fundraising deadline to stand with this team:  Donate to Hillary For America Now. 
Lets support Hillary For America.  Photo courtesy CNN

Let me tell you why I think the upcoming Federal Election Committee fundraising deadline Hillary is facing is so important.  This race will be remembered and studied for a long time.

When you chip in to support my friend Hillary Clinton, your name goes on an official report saying that you stood with her in this watershed election. This is a powerful statement. You’re saying that you will do everything you can to make sure Hillary takes the Oath of Office as President of the United States, and that a Trump presidency is simply out of the question.

And yes, your donation goes toward funding a campaign that can win -- to get more folks knocking on doors, making phone calls, and doing everything that winning campaigns do. But when you chip in, you’re also going on the record and putting your name alongside those of millions of other donors.

This is the last FEC report we’re going to file before folks start voting. Chip in now and get your name on the list (and get a free Team Hillary sticker, too). We’ve got a heck of a lot of money to raise and not a lot of time.

Hillary’s counting on each and every one of us. Let’s do this for her.  Hillary needs you now more than ever -- chip in $1 before our monthly fundraising deadline to stand with this team:  Donate to Hillary For America Now


Wawancara Kerja   Photo coyrtesy  notable.ca

Kami ingin membagikan beberapa informasi dan tips mencari kerja secara online dengan aman.

Iklan ilegal kadang-kadang bisa muncul pada situs-situs lowongan kerja. JobStreet.com akan selalu berusaha memastikan bahwa iklan lowongan pada situs kami mengiklankan kesempatan kerja yang sah. Iklan yang melanggar Kebijakan Iklan kami akan dihapus ketika iklan tersebut diidentifikasikan.

Namun, kadang-kadang iklan yang melanggar kebijakan kami bisa terpampang di situs ini. Jika Anda menemukan iklan dengan ciri-ciri seperti ini, jangan meresponnya tetapi silakan beritahu kami:

  1. Iklan yang meminta pembayaran sebelum Anda bisa melamar. 
  2. Iklan yang mempromosikan sistem penjualan piramida atau skema yang serupa. 
  3. Ikklan yang tidak benar atau menyesatkan (misalnya judul lowongan, perincian pekerjaan maupun penjelasan tentang perusahaan perusahaan yang menyesatkan/salah kaprah/menipu). 
  4. Iklan dengan kejelasan moral yang patut dipertanyakan (misalnya sebagai pendamping panggilan)

Anda bisa mengemailkan iklan tersebut ke policy@jobstreet.com, beserta dengan nama perusahaan dan nama lowongan tersebut, dan kami akan menyelidikinya.

JobStreet.com juga tidak mengijinkan pengiklan menyalahgunakan informasi dari aplikasi lamaran Anda, seperti:

  1. Pengiklan/perusahaan/pegawai yang menggunakan informasi pada aplikasi lamaran Anda untuk mendekati Anda untuk menjual asuransi, mempromosikan multi-level marketing (MLM) atau menawarkan sesuatu yang tidak berhubungan dengan lowongan yang diiklankaN. 
  2. Menawarkan pekerjaan yang mengharuskan Anda membayar sejumlah dana, biaya pemrosesan, biaya pelatihan, atau membeli sesuatu untuk mendapatkan pekerjaan tersebut. Jika ada biaya yang diperlukan, verifikasikan dahulu dengan instansi pemerintahan yang terakreditasi jika perusahaan tersebut benar-benar merupakan perusahaan dan/atau biro lowongan kerja berlisensi. 
  3. Lowongan yang terlihat baik sampai tahap wawancara namun ternyata merupakan suatu kedok untuk mempromosikan skema bisnis yang lain.

Sementara kami akan selalu mencoba mengambil tindakan yang tepat bilamana perlu, JobStreet.com tidak dapat dan tidak akan bertanggung jawab akan tindakan perusahaan seandainya mereka melanggar peraturan penggunaan kami.

Yang terakhir, jangan berikan kata sandi Anda kepada siapapun, walaupun kelihatannya permintaan tersebut berasal dari email dengan alamat JobStreet.com. Kami tidak akan pernah meminta kata sandi dari anggota kami. (Sumber : LiNa, Agen Karier Pribadi Anda JobStreet.com)

Hilllary For America 2016.  Photo courtesy  www.theatlantic.com

August 31st is a big day for the campaign. It marks our next FEC deadline and our next opportunity to show the world this team’s commitment to taking down Donald Trump. And that's HUGE -- because after Labor Day, we need people excited to be part of this team and ready to show up when it matters most.

That’s why it’s so important to hit our goals for the end of August -- we need to raise $10 million online to stay on track and prove we’re the strongest campaign and strongest team in this election. Can you chip in right now to get a free sticker and help that happen?

August 31st is also the last FEC deadline before early or absentee voting begins in states all over the country: September 9th in North Carolina, September 22nd in Wisconsin, September 23rd in Minnesota and Vermont, September 24th in Virginia and Michigan, and September 29th in Iowa and Illinois.

That’s almost 100 electoral votes right there -- that’s almost halfway to 270. And once a ballot gets cast, there's no undoing it. That means we have just a few weeks to dedicate to getting out the vote in these states and persuading voters to show up for Hillary. The clock is ticking -- and we have to step up.

Can you show you’re with Hillary right now and chip in to be on a team that’s fighting its heart out for every dollar and every vote in every single state?

Thanks -- we’re in the home stretch and every cent counts.


Marlon Marshall

Director of States and Political Engagement
Hillary for America
Hillary For America 2016    Photo courtesy www.motherjones.com

Donald Trump went onstage at a rally and called Hillary a bigot. 
Hillary needs you now more than ever -- chip in $1 and be one of the more than 2 million grassroots donors standing with her.  Donate to Hillary for America now
I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of his name-calling and lies. And I’ve had enough of the days we waste in this election listening to the people on TV go back and forth about "what he really meant."

I’m so damn tired of us tiptoeing around this -- the election is in 75 days, and a person who gets in bed with the most dangerous fringe right-wing white supremacists in America could really and truly be our president! The time to be polite is behind us. This is a time to take decisive, meaningful action.

Which is why you need to chip in today. (And, yes, you will get your free sticker as a thank you.)

After last night, I want to raise so much money that the media is forced to report that Hillary’s supporters hit back fast and hard on Trump and his attacks. I want to make the story about this team, and how strong, united and passionate we are in our resolve to make Hillary our next president.

I want to tell Hillary how you came through and show her that we all have her back.

You know our fundraising has been lagging behind in August -- and we only have a few days left to catch up. So let’s get going right now and make an indelible statement about who we are and what we stand for:

This is it. We don’t get more chances to win. Let’s get this done.


Christina Reynolds

Deputy Communications Director
Hillary for America

Job Interview.  Photo courtesy beforeitsnews.com
Job Interview.  Photo courtesy beforeitsnews.com

Terima kasih atas lamaran yang telah Anda masukkan baru-baru ini melalui JobStreet.com. Inilah beberapa tips yang akan membantu Anda memanfaatkan lamaran lowongan online secara maksimal.

Sebelum melamar kerja, bacalah perincian lowongan tersebut serta profil perusahaannya secara seksama. Lamarlah jika Anda berminat dengan lowongan tersebut , dan sesuai dengan kemampuan serta lokasi tempat kerja yang Anda minati.

Perbaharui resume Anda, terutama kontak informasi Anda. Resume yang selalu diperbaharui dan informatif akan membantu perusahaanperusahaan untuk memahami kecocokan Anda dengan lowongan tersebut.

Jawablah semua pertanyaan pada lamaran kerja dengan seksama. Hal ini akan menciptakan kesan yang baik dan menyatakan keseriusan Anda terhadap lowongan tersebut. Selalu bersikap profesional dan sopan terhadap para perusahaanperusahaan!

Pastikan Anda membaca "Panduan Mencari Kerja Secara Aman".    Bacalah apa yang akan terjadi selanjutnya setelah Anda melamar kerja melalui JobStreet.com.    Untuk memeriksa status lamaran Anda, login ke MyJobStreet dan klik pada menu "Lamaran Saya".    Bacalah lebih lanjut tentang tips & artikel pencarian kerja. (Sumber
LiNa, Agen Pribadi Karier Anda. JobStreet.com.JobStreet)

Photo courtesy Urban Indo
Untuk anda yang ingin membuat rumah minimalis yang nyaman tentu saja anda bisa memastikan bahwa dari sini anda bisa membentuk beberapa komunikasi yang baik antara anda dan pemilik rumah yang anda tanyakan informasi seputar rumah dijual tersebut. 

Jika anda ingin membeli rumah minimalis yang sudah jadi tentu anda tidak bisa melakukan custom secara bebas namun jika anda membeli tanah kavling terlebih dahulu anda bisa melakukan custom desain bangunan dengan bebas,.

Tidak ada yang terlalu berpengaruh sebenarnya antara rumah minimalis dengan rumah modern saat ini yang memiliki ukuran lebih besar hanya saja memang letak rumahnya atau posisi rumahnya tidak terlalu banyak memakan lahan.

Berbeda dengan rumah modern yang biasanya dibangun megah memakan semua lahan dan biasanya hingga untuk membuat taman saja tidak bisa. Anda harus yakinkan diri anda sebelum anda mulai untuk memilih membangun rumah minimalis ini.

Dalam bentuknya memang anda bisa memberikan beberapa kustomisasi dan yang jelas banyak sekali saat ini inovasi-inovasi yang bisa ditemukan untuk model rumah minimalis. Lihatlah dan komunikasikan kepada teman anda bagaimana model rumah minimalis ini akan memberikan sesuatu yang berbeda kepada anda tatkala rumah anda sudah benar-benar jadi atau sudahbenar-benar bisaditempati. 

Banyak hal disini yang bisa menjadi pertimbangan untuk anda yang ingin membangun rumah anda sendiri tentu saja. Dan yang harus anda ketahui adalah bagaimana mempersiapkan desain gambar bangunan rumah anda. Anda harus yakin dari pilihan anda membangun rumah ini tidak merugikan anda dalam pengeluaran budget atau anggaran lebih agar bisa mendapatkan model rumah yang sesuai.

Banyak sekali sebenarnya kelebihan dari memilih rumah untuk dijual seperti ini dan yang terbaik adalah yang bisa anda jadikan contoh untuk anda konsultasikan kemudian ke pihak arsitek atau setidaknya orang yang sudah berpengalman dalam membangun rumah tersebut. pastikan pula anda memiliki cukup banyak opsi untuk memilih beberapadiantaranya yang  bisa anda jadikan alternatif untuk rumah idaman cantik anda.

Hillary For America 2016.  Photo courtesy www.teamhillary.org
Hillary For America 2016.  Photo courtesy www.teamhillary.org

Hillary needs you now more than ever -- chip in $1 before our monthly fundraising deadline to stand with this team.   Donate to Hillary for America 2016 now.

We always ask a lot of you in the final days before we have to issue a new fundraising report to the Federal Election Commission. I know that's been particularly true this month -- so I want to explain why it’s absolutely crucial that we do our damnedest to raise that $10 million before midnight strikes on Wednesday.

This isn’t some feel-good goal so we can pat ourselves on the backs. This is the exact amount we need to pocket if we’re going to be able to respond whenever Trump slings mud at us for the next 73 days. It's also how our friends in the media will judge which team is stronger headed into the final phase of the election.

Will you chip in now to help us hit it? We need just 17 more donations from your area to help us stay on pace!

After midnight on Wednesday, we’ll submit that report to the FEC detailing how much money we’ve raised, who donated it, and where we’re spending it.

How much we raise -- and how many individual donations make up that number -- will set the media narrative for the next month. If Trump outraises us, all the chatter will be about how well his campaign is doing -- and “momentum” stories like that tend to lead to more voters jumping on board.

We can’t let that happen here. We can’t risk falling behind in money or momentum -- especially considering that this is the final deadline like this before people actually start casting their ballots in September.

I know that $10 million is a lot of money. But Trump is raising a lot, too. And we all know he’s going to use that cash to mount the ugliest attacks against Hillary he can come up with. Trump released his first ad of the general election last week -- and the fact that it contains a literal lie every seven seconds isn't stopping him from seeing it run in battleground states all over the country.

We need to be able to hit back. We need to be able to convey our message, and call Trump out on his fear-mongering and race-baiting. We need to make sure that Trump has no semblance of momentum heading into these crucial final 10 weeks.

The only way for us to be able to do so effectively is to beat him in fundraising. So please, chip in $1 right now to help us punch back -- what voters in states like Florida and Ohio hear about Hillary for the next 73 days depends on it:

Thanks -- and let’s show him what we’ve got,


Christina Reynolds
Deputy Communications Director
Hillary for America

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